Since I finished watching Death Note, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out ways where Light could have easily won against L, Near, Mello and the police. This will obviously contain spoilers


Firstly, let’s go way back to the very beginning of the series. Light’s HUGE mistake was just getting straight into killing criminals. He didn’t even bother to read over the rules thoroughly. Yes there are a lot, but when you’re meddling with the law you can’t be too careful. Why risk getting caught? Those extra minutes spent reading over every rule and planning everything carefully won’t go to waste when you’ve won.


Unlike Light, I’ve read every rule (I got a little booklet with them in when I bought my manga box set, I’m not going to let that go unread).

Light’s mistake was he was not patient enough. He wanted to be noticed as soon as possible and was lazy. He was extremely clumsy. He rushed straight into killing criminals without really thinking it through.

After that first criminal died, he should have sat back and evaluated the situation. Read over the rules carefully (he knows that it’s not fake now). He would have realised he could scatter the deaths throughout the day, this would make it impossible to pinpoint his location, and his occupation. He should have then began researching criminals in various countries, making it even harder for L to detect his whereabouts.


More importantly, he should have varied the causes of death. This is very important. This caused Kira’s detection straight away. Every criminal was dying of a heart attack. Of course people are going to realise something is going on. Yes Kira wouldn’t have been noticed as quickly and Light was desperate to become of God, but because of this his time as Kira was a lot shorter than it could have been.

If criminals start dropping dead due to diseases, strokes, drug overdoses, food poisoning etc. People won’t immediately assume that someone is behind it. Firstly the police will investigate the prisons the criminals are in, and then they will start looking elsewhere. There also may be some people that will put this down to the work of Karma or a God, so Light would have had that glory anyway.


Next, he shouldn’t have made it so obvious that he had access to police files. This is another thing the tipped the police (and L) off to where and who Kira could be. Obviously, he could do this if everyone was still wondering what’s causing the criminal’s deaths.

Furthermore, Light shouldn’t have fallen for any bait on TV.


He should have really thought it through, rather than act without thinking because the person claimed to be L. Seriously? Why would the greatest detective give himself up on live TV and let himself be defeated so easily? This really makes me wonder if Light’s really the smartest student.


In addition, Light shouldn’t have gone looking for Misa either, or done anything to do with the Death Note so openly. He should have remained anonymous the whole time. If he did this, while making sure his location and occupation anonymous through scattering times and using various causes of death, then even if the Second Kira was caught, they would have trouble catching him. They might even relax and believe that Kira was gone for good. Once the killings continued, they may believe that there are more than one Kira out there, and might even give up the fight.


At the end, Light should have told Mikami to tear pages out of the Death Note for safe keeping. If Mikami didn’t use these, and then took them with him to the warehouse would have meant Light would have won. Near would have never expected Mikami to use pages from the Death Note, therefore resulting in his death and everyone elses minus Light’s. Light would have had the perfect victory.


What do you think Light should have done? What mistakes did you notice? Leave a comment below!