With the upcoming release of Ghost in The Shell live action, we have the opportunity to talk about how Live action movies don’t really work for movies. We’ve all seen flops like Dragon Ball Evolution and even the Attack on Titan movie. Shit doesn’t go well in real life as it does in anime.

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The main reason that live actions don’t really work is that anime causes you to have the suspension of belief. Anime is drawn so you create whatever you want. Like magical attacks, imaginative worlds and boob physics. Obviously, these things can’t be translated to the real world realistic without the use of really really inadequate CGI.

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Of course, anime live action movies can work with more realistic slice of life anime. There are also exceptions to the rule like the Rurouni Kenshin movies. But, it’s kinda the minority. So I don’t really have really high hopes for Ghost in the Shell, but with a big name of ScarJo and anime they are adapting, I’m looking forward to it.

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