So, we got our hands on a box of Loot Anime from Loot Crate this month. The theme was back to school and featured  Assassination Classroom, Fruits Basket, Utena, Digimon, Daganronpa, and Persona 3. The items were all of pretty good quality and stuck to the theme extremely well, the box at 29.99 was also a pretty great price for the contents inside of it and the purchase felt well worth it.  Out of most of Loot Crates boxes this one if definitely one of the best, and well worth your money.


Revolution Girl Utena Bento Box:


This is a cute bento that’s just big enough for your lunch. For extra fun you could try your hand at making some basic japanese lunches with rice and egg, or maybe something more advanced like rice balls! On top of it’s usefulness it has the cast of Utena on it and is easy to clean plastic that makes it perfectly conventional for an afternoon picnic. 

Fruits Basket Keychain


Loot Anime included a hard to get set of Fruits Basket gachapon keychains. Since Gachapons usually have a limited run in machines in Japan it’s usually quite hard for anyone overseas to collect them. This set includes Kyo, Yuki, Tohru, and Haru all wearing the hats that represent their inner animal.


Persona 3 manga


A paperback version of the Persona 3 manga was included in the box. The first issues will be sure to get you started with the series. If your a fan of the Persona series this is a must have for you. 


Digimon Tri-Art Prints:


To celebrate the coming release of Digimon Tri in the states 3 art prints of the anime where included. These art prints are of high quality and. Are perfect for displaying in your anime collection.


Danganronpa tie:


Cosplay as Junko Enoshima with this direct copy of her tie from the Daganronpa games, just right for anyone who wants to create a little bit of despair in their lives. It even comes packaged In an adorable plastic Monokuma box for storage that is small enough to store in your drawer with out taking up much space.


Assassination Classroom Message Board:


Lastly, out of the franchise items, the box comes with a mini dry erase board from Assassination classroom,complete with Kuro-sensor magnets to go on your fridge. The marker for the dry erase board is white and perfectly mimics a piece of chalk making it a cool little piece to display with writing on it!

 Loot Anime phone charm


As an added bonus to this months crate Loot Anime included their very on phone charm design. The design is of a small school notebook and will fit around a phone case or in any headphone jack that’s standard size.


Overall, Loot anime was a great value this month. The hard to find fruits baskets figures are huge plus. The manga is always a nice touch thanks to their high costs as well. The box defiantly has me interested In buying more in the future epically if thy keep up the great theme selections!