Another question that is popular among our fellow Otakus is; Should I watch the anime or read the manga? The answer, while complex, is a simple yes. Paradoxical, isn’t it. But let me explain, as there are reasons to do each one.

When people, like you and I, choose to read the manga, here are the reasons why it’s a good thing. The manga certainly has perks of being the source material, most of the time. So it has no reason for deviating from the original with fillers, because it is the original. The art of the manga certainly can be amazing, and we as the fans are always by colored chapter covers. It has the author’s original words and scenes  which the animes sometimes switches or cuts out to fit the anime. The manga can also take less time, whereas you could at least get  30 chapters compared to one or two episodes.

There are also mangas that have not been animated yet or never will be animated.l, so reading those stories is always a plus. Though there are those, which deserve to be animated. Possibly the biggest reason as to why people choose to read the manga is that it’s ahead of the anime by a few arcs, so it also has more story than the anime. Sometimes the manga can go on with two or three more story arcs while the anime stopped at one season with just 12 episodes. So you can read more than you can watch.

    When people decide to watch the anime, here are the reasons why it’s a good thing. It’s animated, meaning it’s not just flat drawings that are stagnant. They are vibrant moving pictures that can be animated to perfection. The voices of the characters are also present so you can see what a character sounds like. It can be amazing to see some scene animated, especially when it was exactly as you predicted it. While there are certainly manga exclusives, there are also anime exclusives, that are only available to be watched. Anime is also accompanied by amazing soundtracks that just add much more. The emotions conveyed by certain scenes are just amplified by the music that is put into the background. Anime openings and endings are another great reasons why animes are worth watching. They provide sort of a vague overview of the anime without spoiling to much, and the actual songs are amazing.

Whether you read manga or watch anime, you are still witnessing some amazing stories unfold right before your eyes. Still, while you may do one or the other, there are reasons to do both.

What do you think? Let everyone know!