There are several differences between manga and anime, the main difference is manga being printed into volumes or magazines, and anime being aired on TV or shown in cinema and released on DVD. Manga tends to be the source material (however there are exceptions, Code Geass is an example), as well as anime can have it’s own unique storyline instead of following its source material (better known as filler in some cases).


So what is better?

Manga has more content most of the time, since not all anime series cover every bit of the manga or no more seasons are made. It’s also all canon, if it’s the source material. However, in my opinion, fights are much easier to follow when they’re animated, and so much is added – including music and voices – which makes everything so much more intense.


Manga can be viewed easily anywhere, and tends to be a lot cheaper to buy. You don’t need internet to read manga (unless you read it online). It’s also easy to carry around, meaning if you’re stuck on public transport you can read it. Anime is very tricky to watch when you’re not home, unless you have downloaded individual episodes onto your phone.


There is a lot more manga to enjoy, since not every manga series gets an anime adaptation. Then again, there are anime series that don’t have a manga series either, such as Free! (the anime is its source material) or Toradora (which is based off of a light novel).


Some manga never receive an official translation, which means they may never get a local release. This limits choice of manga, especially when an anime adaptation has been made (which are pretty much always subbed). Then again, some anime never get a local release, which means that they can only be viewed online and if you don’t have the money to pay for online subscriptions then you’re left to either view the anime illegally, or hope that one day it may get a release where you live.


Some manga series don’t get frequent releases, meaning you may have to wait a while to read the next chapter. Whereas, an anime series’ episodes get aired weekly. However, this doesn’t count for the big manga, like Bleach and Naruto (both of which have ended) used to get weekly updates, so that wait isn’t that bad and is actually better than waiting for the anime release.

As a whole, it really depends on the anime/manga series, as well as preferences. Both sides are pretty equal with their pros and cons, so it’s pretty much impossible to say whether either is better than the other. Only personal preference can decide (whether you prefer watching or reading).

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