Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is such an adorable anime. There’s not much to dislike about it, to be honest.

The animation is good. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s not awful. Everything looks really nice, but there’s no breath-taking sceneries, but this fits with the anime as it’s very simple. It doesn’t need amazing animation.

It’s incredibly easy to watch. If you look away for five minutes you won’t miss anything and it won’t become confusing and hard to follow.  On top of that, it’s very enjoyable and funny.

There’s not much of a storyline. Just Tohru becoming Kobayashi’s maid after a drunk Kobayashi rescued Tohru. Other characters are eventually introduced, Tohru, Kanna and Kobayashi being the main characters, and the rest are minor as they don’t get as much screen time compared to the main three. The whole anime is just a chronological montage of different scenes, whether it’s Kobayashi at work, Kanna’s sports day etc. Overall, it’s like every other slice of life anime.

All the characters are unique and different. Kanna is my favourite because she’s so adorable.

The ending was decent; it wasn’t amazing and it wasn’t awful. It did leave it with the feeling that there won’t be anymore, which is disappointing because I enjoyed watching it and I’m hoping that there will be a second season. There’ll probably be an OVA, and since it’s been quite popular I wouldn’t be surprised if a second season is made.

Overall, the anime is very good. It’s enjoyable, it has great characters, the voice acting is good. I recommend it if you want something easy to watch. But if you’re expecting an anime with a fantastic story, then this isn’t it. It’s definitely one of the best slice of life anime, since it is unique.

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