Don’t kill me for saying this, but I personally didn’t see what was so great about My Hero Academia. I watched the majority of the series (about 8 episodes) before giving up with it. At first I felt like it had potential to be a great anime; but as the series went on, I started to dislike it more and more. It was slow and took forever to actually reach anything interesting and it was extremely predictable and cliché.


I found the main character very annoying. I just couldn’t like him as a character. I also disliked how he was given a power and was immediately super powerful without any sort of training. My favourite main shounen characters (Ichigo, Naruto, Ed Elric) all earnt their strength. Yes, Ichigo was given his power but he did have to do a lot of training to become really powerful, and he was defeated several times throughout. Deku did do some training to earn his power, but he didn’t actually train with his power. He was just able to use it without trying hard at all.


The story is also similar to One Punch Man, an already successful manga and anime series. The whole time I was watching My Hero Academia I couldn’t help but link it back to One Punch Man and note the similarities. I hate it when I watch an anime that’s too similar to something I’ve already seen. Similar is okay when it’s like Code Geass and Death Note, they’re similar yet so different in their own way. But My Hero Academia just seemed a little too similar to One Punch Man for my liking.


The story itself is also really slow. At first I was hoping it would pick up over time, but it never did. Each episode continued to drag on while I waited for something more to happen. It’s like they were really trying to squeeze as much content into a single episode without using too much of the storyline.


It’s also super clichéd, which makes it extremely obvious that it’s not really an anime aimed for my age group (adult). It’s not even attempting to appeal to the older age groups either. I hate anime that only has a specific age group and can’t be enjoyed by anyone older. Why couldn’t it have been like Avatar: The Last Airbender? I know it’s a cartoon, but I was able to enjoy it when I was 17. I also enjoyed it when I was a lot younger (I can’t remember how old I was when it aired on TV). Everything about the anime screams that it’s aimed for those a lot younger than me (12-15 year olds).


None of the characters were appealing in any way either. Deku’s rival (can’t remember his name, he always looked angry) seems like Gary Oak and seems to always have a pole stuck up his ass. All Might (not sure if correct) is pretty annoying too. I just couldn’t find a likeable character in the anime. If the story isn’t appealing and there isn’t a character I like, then I lose any interest I had in the anime. 


I feel like I’m being really negative about it, but the only positive is that it’s a kinda interesting story (would have been good if it was better paced) and the opening was pretty decent. Not an opening I’d listen to after I stop watching the anime, but not so awful that I had to skip it (*cough* Tokyo Ghoul Root A). I did enjoy the first few episodes, don’t get me wrong. I just gave up waiting for the pacing to change and got tired of how predictable it was.


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