I never thought I’d ever hear this announcement. I absolutely loved the first series of Blue Exorcist and I was so disappointed by how it ended. Since the first series anime didn’t follow the manga as faithfully as it did towards the end of the series, I was so convinced that Blue Exorcist would only ever have one series.


The anime will be going back to following the manga and will be covering the Impure King Revival Arc. I have never read the manga, so I have no idea what this arc will hold, but I’m still really excited. I can finally forgive the awful ending to season 1, since I’ve hated it this whole time due to believing that it stopped Blue Exorcist from ever receiving any more seasons.


Hopefully it actually airs in 2017 and the date isn’t moved forward another year like Attack on Titan (although, I’m not sure if AOT was actually confirmed to have a 2016 release date, I just heard rumours). I’d be so disappointed if I had to wait even longer to see the second season, since I’ve already had to wait a few years for it.


I’m so excited to see Rin and Kuro again, since these two are definitely my favourite characters in this series.

I’m also curious about whether the end of season 1 is going to be mentioned at all. Are they going to pretend it never happened like what happened with Black Butler? Or are they going to make even more changes to the storyline? This just makes me even more excited to see the new season when it’s released.

If they’re just following the manga and ignoring what happened during the second half of the first season, then people may be confused with what’s happening. I know I would if I watched the first season and went straight to the second without realising that the end of season one is anime only and that the second season is following the manga.


I’m hoping the dub will be released quickly too, since I watched the first season dubbed. I won’t be too upset if I have to watch it subbed. It’s just one of those anime that I really want to watch properly instead of having my eyes glued to subtitles.


I have to admit that the poster looks really awesome.

So what are your thoughts on Blue Exorcist getting a second season? Leave a comment below!