Live action films of popular anime series aren’t always wanted – or liked. So I decided to write down my own thoughts on this popular topic that plagues the anime community.

First of all, I haven’t seen a lot of live action. I tend to avoid most due to the awful reviews. I have seen three Death Note live actions – the first, L Change the World and the first episode of the TV series. The films weren’t too bad, but I hated the TV series (didn’t help that the subtitles were awful too). I’m a huge fan of Death Note, so to watch an adaptation that changed so much really annoyed me and I couldn’t bring myself to like it. I’m not even looking forward to the new TV series – mainly due to the fact that US-made live actions tend to suck.


I haven’t even bothered to watch the Black Butler live action. It changes so much about the series! It’s not even set in Victorian England and Ciel isn’t Ciel. I saw the trailer and went from being excited to not caring about it. I don’t even think I watched the whole trailer, I think I gave up half way and went to watch something else.

In conclusion, I like live action adaptations to be quite faithful to the source material.

Live action films based on shoujo anime/manga tend to be good. Mainly because there isn’t much to change in the first place. However, I can’t stand the live action for L-DK, but I love the live action for Kimi Ni Todoke and several others.


The live action film for Avatar: The Last Airbender was awful. I think I watched about twenty minutes of it before giving up. It didn’t help that I had only just finished the series before I watched the live action. I was curious to see if it was really as bad as everyone says, and they were correct. The acting was atrocious and it’s like they didn’t even try to make the film decent. I especially hate that Zuko’s scar looks like a silly sunburn, when it should be so much worse. It’s probably much easier to watch if it’s viewed as a parody rather than a serious film.


I have yet to watch the live action for Attack on Titan, I was kind of excited for it but was put off when I heard that Levi wouldn’t be in it. While it’s only a little change, Levi is one of my favourite characters in the series so it definitely wouldn’t be the same as the anime/manga series. If they’re willing to remove a pretty important character, then who knows what else they would be willing to change – because of this I haven’t been bothered to watch it.


What are your thoughs on live action films/series? Leave a comment below!