So the Naruto anime is finally drawing to a close, after months of pointless filler, which in my opinion has slaughtered the anime (except for the Itachi filler series, although that is kind of canon).

I’m happy, because I might actually consider going back and finishing this series. I probably have thirty episodes left of canon episodes to watch, so I’m not far off finishing it. It’s just I hate the filler and that there are two canon episodes to a filler series. When I watch anime I really get into it, so having to worry about when the next filler episode is and how many episodes to skip just ruins it for me, it stops being relaxing to watch.


An hour long episode for Sasuke’s and Naruto’s fight is a bit… I don’t know how to describe it. I really get put off by long episodes, for some odd reason. I end up feeling like I’m being forced into watching this long episode and I can’t take a break. So a whole hour is a big no no for me. Unless the fighting is actual fighting rather than “Naruto!” “Sasuke!”, a lot of talking and flashbacks. If it’s just fighting with little dialogue, then I should be interested enough to not actually realise how long I’ve been watching the episode for.


Another huge negative is the three week wait for the hour long episode. Not that I’m waiting for the episode. Although, it’s not as bad as the wait for a canon episode when the studio decided to throw out a ton of filler. So I guess it’s not too bad. Even then, the series won’t be ending on that episode as I’m pretty sure there may be one or two episodes after.


Is Naruto really ending though? There’s the spin off manga series, Boruto, so I’m pretty sure that will get it’s own anime adaptation. I doubt the studio will let such a popular anime end without milking it as much as they can – which won’t be surprising, look how much pointless filler they made after the manga ended (except for the Itachi filler series). I always thought filler was created when they caught up to the source material. Apparently not.


I am sad that it will be finishing. It will be just One Piece left out of the big 3 anime. Although, I’m still hoping Bleach will return. I love Naruto, despite how much I hate all the filler episodes (except for the Itachi filler series, I can’t hate anything with him in it).


I’d probably like Naruto a lot more towards the end (and probably be up to date) if Itachi was still alive. He’s my favourite character in the series, and the only reason why I started watching Naruto.


What are your thoughts on Naruto ending? Leave a comment below!