New anime and manga are coming every day, but it is very hard to find one that actually is interesting.  Many people make anime and manga just for loading up with the content, but there are just a few that actually have a depth and people can hook up to them. One of the latest manga that I have gone through is Samurai Shin, which looks quite promising, to be honest. I am not a fan of Samurai genre, but I actually quite liked it.

It is written by Mikel Miles & illustrated by Ivan Aguilar. Both these guys have actually done an amazing job & put all their efforts in it.

It is quite interesting, but we do not know how it will turn up as it has only released its first chapter yet. The second one is on its way, though. The first chapter tells a story about two boys Keith Masaru and Amir Atsuko, who are young warriors. Their story is so similar to Sasuke & Naruto, Ken & Ryu, and Jin & Mugen, or I must say, their friendship. The story begins with the fighting scene where Amir and Keith both fight like this is a war. After when they both are stopped by their Master and a hard talk, Keith leaves the place, just like Sasuke left Konoha.

Then, the story develops and we get to know that Amir’s mother was a Samurai as well, and how she brought him up really well. But later, she is killed by the man who wears a bear mask. It was a really sad part, because the way she dies and leaves her son alone to fight was described perfectly. This was the ending of chapter one, which I think was pretty amazing. I feel really hooked up because I really want to know what happens with Keith and who this Bear man is, and who Shin is, actually. I also am looking forward to see how Amir gets his revenge and what happens with his Master.

The graphics of the Manga are really good and the fact that it actually is colored makes me want to read it more. It is really hard to wait because there are so many things that I want to know about it, and it is the same frustration as when we saw Sasuke leaving the village. It was really annoying plus I wanted him to come back & that is why I watched 400+ episodes. I think I would do the same for Keith as well, because of the colored manga and a really interesting story.

Overall, my thoughts about the manga are that it is going to be really amazing, and because it is a colored manga, I most of the people will read just because of that.