It’s very common for anime to only have 12/13 episodes. This is good for when I want to binge anime, but the short amount of episodes is sometimes not enough for an anime to be good.

I personally hate it. I’ve seen so many anime that has 12/13 episodes and so much is missing. I believe that it’s not always enough time to fit in everything the anime needs for it to be good.

By the time I get into the series, it’s pretty much over. If there’s not a second season, then that’s it. It’s very rare for me to really get into an anime series early on. I can only think of Beyond the Boundary, which somehow manages to fit in a good storyline and good development in the short amount of time it has.

It also means I can’t enjoy the anime for as long as I want to, and chances are it won’t be one of my favourites. Most of my favourite anime have at least 24 episodes (the exception being Beyond the Boundary).

It’s also annoying when it’s a new season for a series, especially when the previous season had 24 episodes. It’s fine when it covers everything, like Black Butler: Book of Circus or Free!: Eternal Summer, but it’s not when I still need another season which may never be released.

Yuri on Ice would have been so much better if there were more episodes, I feel like it ended too soon.

In addition, I find it’s harder to remember a short anime series because I don’t experience it for as long as a 24 episode series. I’m more likely to recommend an anime with more episodes than one that’s short, for this reason exactly. If the anime has two seasons, then it evens the short amount out and I’m more likely to remember it and recommend it.

I also hate finishing anime, so when it has 13 episodes I finish it quicker and I have to put up with post-anime-depression. I can finish a 13 episode anime in a morning, and I’ve done it so many times. I watched the whole of High School of the Dead in an afternoon. It will take me a whole day to finish a 24 episode anime.

From my own personal experience, longer anime tend to have more content and they tend to be better. There’s enough time to fit in a decent storyline that concludes nicely. No Game No Life would be a brilliant anime if it wasn’t left on a cliffhanger with no definite second season.

Short anime tend to end abruptly and/or unfinished. They either lack story or character development; very rarely do they have both.

I really dislike that most anime being released every season are 12/13 episodes long.

What are your thoughts on short anime seasons? Leave a comment below!