I have too many ships in anime. Most sink (due to my curse of having my favourite characters die), but occasionally they will end up being canon (if they weren’t canon already). So anyway, here is my personal top 5 list of anime ships.


  1. Haru x Makoto – Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

These two are so adorable together, I can’t help but ship it. Makoto just walks straight into Haru’s home and knows where he is already. The show pretty much screams that they’re a thing.

2. Ryuko x Mako – Kill La Kill

This was (and still is) my favourite ship in Kill La Kill. Good news is, that it also kinda sailed – they went on a date at the end of the series. The whole series screamed at me to ship it, it’s impossible to not ship this ship. It’s so cute and it’s so great.

3. Temari x Shikamaru – Naruto

Yay, this ship sailed unlike my Tenten x Neji ship which sunk before it could sail (my little brother broke the news). They’re also canon and have a child together (sorry if you didn’t know), which makes me super, super happy! I shipped them straight away when I saw them in Naruto Shippuden (skipped the first series… don’t hate me). They’re just so cute!

4. Roy x Riza – Fullmetal Alchemist

I really wish that these two ended up together, but nothing was revealed. It sucks! This, along with my Ling x Lan Fan ship, is one of the few ships that didn’t sail in FMAB, which just made me sad. They could have at least made me happier after watching one of the saddest death scenes ever.  It’s not fair, they would be so good together. Maybe they secretly are together… *runs off to read Fanfiction*

5. Tohru x Kyo – Fruits Basket

This is my favourite ship. Mainly because it’s in my favourite anime/manga series, but it’s also so cute. Their relationship is so well developed and they’re so good together. Tohru is exactly what Kyo needs, and I’m so glad they end up together. They’ve both been through so much, so it’s good to see that they eventually find happiness in each other.


I did originally ship Tohru and Yuki together, but that ship didn’t last long because I saw that Tohru and Kyo were a lot cuter together. They definitely make a cute couple.

So what are some of your favourite anime ships? Leave a comment below!