I really think they should stop making Naruto episodes. At this point, it really feels like they’re milking the series. They’re currently animating all the light novels that have been released, and Naruto and Hinata’s wedding. To me, this feels like it’s being overdone. 5 episodes for the wedding, seriously?

The manga didn’t drag on for this long, and the manga concluded nicely.

I’m fairly certain they’re just trying to hit the 500 episode mark. I don’t think it will do the series any good, they’re dragging it out pointlessly.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the episodes included too many flashbacks. I stopped watching Naruto because I got sick of the flashbacks, I just wanted to see the war conclude, but I just kept seeing flashbacks that I had already seen five times. It was like several flashbacks in each episode, which was just too ridiculous.

I feel like they’re ruining the series, I would have finished it if there weren’t so many flashbacks and filler episodes. Naruto is good, but I’m really starting to look down on it, especially since they’re just milking the series. I understand they want to make money, but creating pointless filler and dragging the story out isn’t the way to go. It should have ended where the manga ended, and maybe include the light novels, and there should have been any filler when the manga finished either. Then they should have moved onto Boruto.

I doubt I’ll even watch Boruto since I didn’t enjoy the last few episodes of Shippuden I watched. I don’t really fancy having to wait months for a canon episode either.

Naruto has way too much filler, especially filler it doesn’t need. Filler is acceptable when they don’t want to catch up to the manga, but when the manga has ended and there’s nothing to wait for, filler is stupid and pointless. It’s not even good filler, and most people skip filler. The filler mostly has nothing to do with the series or storyline, and is its own thing. Why? I’d be fine if the filler had something to do with the main storyline, like the Itachi series and the few episodes about Kaguya.

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