This game was released earlier this year, and I originally had it on PC. Luckily, I own it on PS4 now so I can do a slightly better review on the game.

When the PC version was released, the game was awful. I don’t know if it was ever fixed officially, but I did use a fix made by a fan which made the game work a little better but it didn’t look as nice. I was extremely disappointed since my computer met the recommended requirements – meaning that it should run without any major problems whatsoever, if my computer scraped minimum requirements then fair enough, I’d expect it to not run perfectly.

It lagged so much that it was unplayable, and that was just one issue. Other uses found the game crashed a lot, especially in story mode (which is a pain). This is all because of a really crap PC port.

So my initial thought of the game was that it was awful and disappointing. Since then, I’ve bought a PS4 and my little brother was kind enough to let me have his copy of this game, so my opinion has since changed. I’ll still always hate the PC version though.

I still have to complete the storyline, since it’s not really a game I play often. It’s all content I’ve seen recently in the anime series so I’m not really interested in the story. I’m also dreading Neji’s death, I’ve seen it enough times. He’s one of my few favourite characters in this show. I also have to see Itachi die, which I’ve already seen a lot. From what I think, the storyline is pretty long and should provide me with a few hours of fun (unlike Revolution, the story in that was so short).

The controls are only explained once, and due to me not playing it that often I’ve forgotten. I’m also very bad at the game again because of this. I was quite decent when I played Revolution a lot. I still don’t know how to switch my character in a free battle, so I hit random buttons until I do something that works.

It’s also very boring to play without friends, I don’t know anyone else who owns this game on PS4. The online would also get pretty boring after a while, I wish they added something like the tournament thing in Revolution (or they have and I haven’t found it yet). That was fun, especially when Mecha Naruto turned up.

There’s a small amount of characters to unlock, unlike in previous games where you had a handful of characters to choose from at the start. There’s no Itachi in Revolution for ages – unless you pre-ordered the game and got Itachi in an apron, which was to go with the OVA that was released with the game as a pre-order special. I’ve spent hours on Revolution and I still have tons of characters to unlock, it’s taking me forever.

This is from Revolution, however Sasori, Orochimaru and Kakuzu aren’t playable until after the first few story battles. Now let’s look at the character selection from 4, which has pretty much every character unlocked at the start (which is super boring).

(Ignore the last panel, Naruto, Sasuke, Hanabi from The Last, and Boruto and Sarada are pre-order specials. I think you can unlock the characters from The Last at the end of the storyline though, I’m not sure).

Storm 4 gives you all the characters, which ruins the game in my opinion. I’d probably play the game a lot more so I can unlock all the characters, it just makes the game fun. It also encourages me to do really well in battles so I can earn a lot of Ryo to unlock them.

Overall, this game isn’t the best in the series and it’s definitely not my favourite, I do like it however. Especially since there’s the possibility to choose what abilities your chosen character has, I could have fire style: fire ball jutsu and totsuka blade for Itachi, which wasn’t possible in previous games (I think). It also means I don’t have to use his stupid clone jutsu if I want to use a cool ultimate jutsu.

What are your thoughts on this game? Leave a comment below!