This film is perfect for any HinataxNaruto shippers. It’s also the only reason why I watched it – since Itachi wasn’t in it.

The storyline branches off from the Naruto storyline, and fits nicely inbetween the end of the manga and before Boruto. From what I’m aware of, it’s also the only canon film in the Naruto series.


The storyline for this is interesting, and I didn’t get bored at all. Although, I did get extremely annoyed when Hinata went off with the weird Otsutsuki dude, especially since Naruto had just confessed to her, something she probably had wanted to hear for years.

It does take a little bit of time for the story to really develop and start rolling, there is plenty of character development beforehand which is very nice. It shows what has happened to the characters and Konoha since the end of the war, as well as several flashbacks.

The beginning had a very nice mixture of development for both story and characters, neither being rushed. The pacing of the film as a whole is just right. It didn’t feel rushed at all, and it didn’t drag. The story is also interesting enough to rewatch.


It was also very nice to see all the characters grown up, and Kakashi as Hokage. Although, I really wish that Sasuke had a little bit more screen time. Maybe if he tagged along with the group. So many Sasuke and Sakura moments could have been squeezed into the action.


Most characters were shown at some point in the film, even if they had a few seconds of screen time. It’s a shame there was a lack of Itachi though, even if he is dead. Maybe a flashback at some point?


The film didn’t spoil too much about Naruto either, which was good considering that I wasn’t anywhere near catching up to the series. It also made sense, which was even better.


However, I wish that more pairings were shown, rather than it concentrating completely on Naruto and Hinata. So many characters get together at the end of the series, so why weren’t these shown, even if it was for ten seconds.

Yes, Naruto is the main character, but other pairings deserve some screen time. I mainly want to see Temari and Shikamaru, since they’re my favourite pairing in this anime.


Naruto and Hinata kiss too! Right at the end of the film, which meant I had to wait however long the film lasts for, but it’s better than nothing. At least Naruto didn’t lean in to kiss her for her to then she decided “nah” and ditch him for someone else. Damn that would have sucked.


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