Originally, I wasn’t going to buy one of these. I had the original 3DS so I didn’t see the point of upgrading when it was released. I only got one because it actually seemed worthwhile to spend £20 extra to buy a New XL compared to the old XL, and I wanted a bigger screen. However, I am very impressed with it.

I haven’t used the Amiibo functionality. I personally think Amiibos are a waste of money, I only own Link and I got him because I love The Legend of Zelda. He also looks pretty cool on my bookshelf.  It was a cheap way of buying a Link figure. I don’t have any games that support Amiibo (except for Animal Crossing, and the Amiibos don’t really unlock anything decent in that game). So this isn’t a feature that’s really worth it unless you happen to own a few Amiibo and have a few Amiibo compatible games.

The 3D is much better. As it uses the front facing camera to track your face and adjusts the 3D to wear your face is, which surprisingly works very well. I didn’t use the 3D on my old 3DS because I move a lot when playing games, so it didn’t work as well unless I stayed still (which is very difficult for me to do).

It’s also much, much faster. There’s still lag in Pokémon X, which is what I was hoping would be fixed, but games load a lot faster, and things download faster as well. It also turns off quickly as well, as I found I was waiting several seconds for my old 3DS to display the turn off screen, which appears a lot faster on the New 3DS.

I haven’t been able to use the new C-stick and Z buttons, so these are pointless additions for what I use my 3DS for. I don’t have any games that use them, and I don’t think I’ll be getting any that use the buttons either.

Although, the new button layout is a lot better, since everything important is easily accessible. The game card slot is now at the front, which makes changing games easier compared to when it was at the back (I don’t have to move my DS to change the game). The stylus slot has moved from the back to the front, which makes this easier to get as well. The start and select buttons are now underneath the ABXY buttons, which makes them easier to press when playing games that requires them. However, I don’t like where the power button is since it means it can be accidentally pressed.

The battery life lasts for 30 minutes longer than the old 3DS, which doesn’t seem like a lot. I’m fairly certain my N3DSXL lasts a lot longer than my old 3DS, definitely by more than an hour.

The New 3DS also have an auto screen brightness, so it alters depending on the lighting of where you are, which is very handy.

Although, they removed the Wi-Fi switch on the side, which I used quite a bit, especially when I wanted to conserve battery.

I’d definitely recommend this over the older models, but if you already own an older one then I wouldn’t recommend buying a new one unless you want to play a New 3DS exclusive game. Amiibos can be used with a NFC reader which Nintendo have released, and there’s the Circle Pad Pro which can be used to the extra C-stick and Z buttons. So it’s not completely necessary to have a New 3DS.

So what do you think about the New 3DS/New 3DS XL? Leave a comment below!