Code Geass turns 10 today, and at a 10th Anniversary event for the series it was announced that it would be finally getting a sequel set a few years after the Zero Requiem. It will also have a three-part film compilation of the first two series featuring unaired scenes and a brand-new voice over.

Code Geass is one of my favourite anime series, so I’m extremely happy to hear that there will be a sequel. I’m hoping it’s going to be a series instead of an OVA or a film.

I’m hoping it will reveal what really happens to Lelouch, if he’s dead, alive or in some world. Then all the theories flying around and the arguments they bring can come to an end. I’ll also find out if my C.C theory is accurate or very far from the truth.

However, since it’s a sequel of the series and not a spin-off, chances are Lelouch will play a part in the series. So chances are, Lelouch isn’t dead, or he is (most likely), and he’s in some alternative world or something. But this isn’t necessarily going to happen, since it can just include the characters that didn’t die, and Suzaku could be the new MC. It’s likely that the series will involve Suzaku’s life as Zero.

There’s not a lot of information about the sequel at the moment, and there’s no official release date either. However, the first film from the three-part compilation will be released January 2017, which is exciting. It gives me the chance to re-watch the series without sitting through all 50 episodes before the new sequel is released (hopefully).

Hopefully more information is released about this sequel soon.

Here’s my theory on Lelouch being dead:

And another theory on C.C being dead:

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