So, not even a day has passed in 2017 and we already have some good news. Fairy Tail is getting a second movie. YAY

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Fairy Tail is the manga series written by Hiro Mashima and revolves around the adventures of Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel in their guild called Fairy Tail. It’s an amazing shounen manga series with a great story, cool characters, and amazing plot and “plot”. I do recommend you watch or read the series as it is not as great as some other shows but still definitely worth your time 

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The film is set to air in the spring of 2017. While it is a long time from now, we have something cool to look forward to. We have yet to hear anything about the story of the movie yet we know it is going to be amazing. Hints of this movie were announced several years ago. The first actual announcement was made in 2015 but now we know for certain what we are going to be receiving  With an amazing title like “Dragon Cry”, we can only wait to see how great it will be