One thing I’ve noticed recently is the amount of Live Actions that are planned. If there’s one thing I know about them, is that they pretty much suck. Unless it’s shoujo, but even then I’ve seen bad shoujo live action.

So what does this mean for the anime industry?

I’m hoping nothing bad. I guess we can sort of be excited, our favourite series are being adapted into live action films/TV series. Except, I’m less than thrilled every time something is announced. First Bleach, then FMA, Gintama, and now Naruto. Except Naruto is going to be a Hollywood live action. No, America, just no. After what they did to Avatar: The Last Airbender, I’m not trusting them with any anime live action.

Don’t even get me started on The Last Airbender, there is nothing good about that film. I didn’t even make it half way through before giving up. Yes, Avatar isn’t even anime and they managed to ruin it.

Please leave Naruto alone. The studio that created the anime have already ruined it enough with the stupid filler they’ve been spewing out for the last year. However, the rights were bought by Lionsgate, and they have made some pretty decent films in the past so I’ll be willing to give the live action adaptation a try.

Since I’ve been an anime fan, I’ve learnt that live actions aren’t exactly something that anime fans are excited for or want. I don’t hate all live action, I have seen some pretty decent ones like Sukitte Ii Na Yo, Kimi Ni Todoke and one of the Death Note live action films. They’re not all bad.

There must be a reason for the sudden blow up of live action adaptations being created. Why would money be put into a film that wouldn’t be wanted or watched? I’m thinking that live actions are growing in popularity over in Japan.

What are your thoughts about the all the live action announcements? Leave a comment below!