Nichijou has to be one of my favourite comedy anime. This anime has made me laugh so much, and it’s so enjoyable to watch even if it lacks a ongoing storyline. It’s super easy to watch and get into, and everything about it is love-able.

What I love most about this anime is that I can abandon it for months, and then return to it and not be confused at all. I can get straight back into it like I never stopped watching it. I’ve re-watched some funny scenes over and over again on YouTube, and they still make me laugh.

My favourite charactes are definitely Professor, Nano and Mr. Sakamoto, as they make me laugh the most. Professor and Mr. Sakamoto are also really cute.

I don’t find any of the characters annoying, they’re all very amusing to watch. If you need something to brighten your day, this is definitely the anime to watch.

In my opninion, this is probably the funniest anime I’ve ever seen. I’d even consider it the best slice of life I’ve seen (tied with Fruits Basket). It’s one of the most enjoyable SOL I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot. Most SOL anime tend to get boring as the lack of storyline and repetitiveness becomes more obvious over the span of a few episodes. I normally get bored of SOL and give up watching it and move on to something else, but this isn’t the case with Nichijou at all. If I’m bored and I’m not in the mood to watch a very story-heavy anime, I’ll put this on instead.

The art-style is very unique, and it definitely stands out. If you see a picture from Nichijou, you’ll immediately recognise it. The art-style is also used for comedic affect, as character’s become more dramatic and detailed, making the scene so much more funnier.

This anime makes up for the lack of story with funny scenes and hilarious characters. This all holds the anime together so well, which makes it the masterpiece that it is. This anime is one-of-a-kind, and it’s very well made.

I’d recommend this anime to everyone, as there’s not really much to dislike about this anime. I’m sure SOL haters would enjoy this too, as I believe this anime has something for everyone.

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