It’s getting closer to Nintendo Switch’s launch.

Only a few titles will be released on launch day, but throughout the year more games will be released. Some don’t have release dates yet but most do.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 12 Switch, Skylanders Imaginators, Just Dance 2017, Super Bomberman R will be released on launch day. However, there are more titles that are available on launch day in Japan, but have a later release date for Western countries.

Skyrim is due to be released in Fall 2017, which has finally be confirmed.

More titles will of course be announced after the Switch is released.

Games can be purchased digitally through the E-Shop or purchased as a Game Card. However, in order to play games digitally, you’ll need to connect to the internet and perform a system update. Games can only be played on a card without the update.

Some games will require a lot of memory to download, so it’s a good idea to purchase a Micro SD card (I’d recommend 128GB if you can afford it). At least it’s easy to expand the storage space, unlike a PS4 where it’s slightly difficult (and more expensive) to upgrade the storage space. However, this can be avoided if you buy the game cards instead of a digital download.

Nintendo are also offering a paid online service, much like Sony and Microsoft do for their consoles. The service is free until Fall 2017. There aren’t many details on this yet, but more will be revealed later on.

Virtual Console won’t be available at launch. Nintendo claim it’s coming at some point, but won’t say when and won’t reveal any details about it.

The Switch won’t be region locked either. So you can buy an American console and play Japanese games on it. This is the first in a while, since previous consoles have been region locked.

The touch screen can only be used to navigate through menus, and isn’t used during gameplay.

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