The Nintendo Switch has finally launched!

According to Gamestop, sales have been very good and may be the best console launch in a very long time. Stores everywhere have been packed with people trying to get their hands on a console,, and stores being sold out of consoles completely. So far it has been the most successful launches for Gamestop compared to previous years.

I actually know someone who queued up for an hour to buy one, for the person in front of him to buy the final one in the store. That must have sucked.

This is a brilliant start for Nintendo, since the Wii U didn’t do so well. The Switch is definitely becoming a competitor for both Xbox and Playstation.

So far 5 million consoles were sold as pre-orders, and who knows how many were bought on and after launch day.

However, it hasn’t all been great for the Switch. Some users have faced hardware issues, including bricked consoles, damaged consoles and blue and orange screens of death. This doesn’t look good for the Switch at all, but this is to be expected since it is a brand-new console and pretty much everything arrives with faults now-a-days. You can’t purchase a game or console without it being bug free, especially since it’s so easy to release updates.

No one has been able to pin-point the cause for this issue, but it’s still early-days. I’m sure something will be figured out soon.

However, some users have reported that the orange screen of death can be resolved by holding down the power button and rebooting the system. This doesn’t work for the blue screen of death however.

If you’ve encountered the blue screen of death, contact Nintendo and they should replace the system for you.

There’s also a design fault with the interior of the dock, which causes scratches on the lower plastic part of the screen.

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