More information about the Nintendo Switch has been revealed, including prices, launch titles and more.

So the confirmed release date is March 3rd worldwide, and the console should cost approximately $299 (UK £279.99). The console will have 32GB internal storage with up to 2TB of external storage (MicroSDXC). Which, in my opinion, isn’t that bad. It’s still pretty expensive, but considering that it’s two consoles in one, I can’t complain.

There isn’t going to be any physical backwards compatibility, so your WiiU discs won’t work, but it will support Virtual Console, so backwards compatibility is still possible, you just might have to re-purchase your games. This is a first Nintendo console in a while that doesn’t allow physical backwards compatibility, from my knowledge. Which is kind of a bit disappointing, since I always go on about how awesome Nintendo consoles are due to their backwards compatibility.

The Switch will also not be released bundled with any games at launch, meaning you’ll have to buy the games you want separately. If you also want a second controller, you’ll have to buy this separately as well.

You’ll also have to spend extra for a charger, as the Joy-Cons only charge when plugged into the screen and not the controller. So you’ll have to pay extra for a charging grip.

Nintendo will also be charging for online services, much like what both Sony and Microsoft do. The price is not yet known. However, services will be free up until Autumn 2017.

So now we know that the Nintendo Switch is going to cost a lot. It’s put me off, I’m already considering just buying a WiiU to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, since the game will be released for that as well. It’s most likely a bad idea to purchase the console on release day, since it will cost you a hell of a lot more than it would if you waited a few months. The price for the console is fine, it’s just all the added costs like a charger-grip, extra controllers and games which makes the console very expensive. Maybe if the console came with a game, it wouldn’t seem so bad.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be one of the many launch day Switch titles. Along with 1-2 Switch, Super Bomberman R, Skylanders Imaginators and Just Dance 2017. More games will be released after launch day, but it will be a while before there’s a lot of games to choose from.

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