A noble is a being that is graceful, commanding and absolute. But, if there was a being that was nobler than a noble, what or who would it be. That is a simple question. That would be the Noblesse, the noblest of all nobles, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel.

Follow the story of Raizel as he awakens from his 820-year slumber in  Korea as he reintroduces himself into the world. Noblesse is a manhwa that follows him and his story. It features a great plot and fantastic characters. It’s not short of anything, The story features great fights and sad heart-wrenching scenes with badassery involved.

It’s really great to witness the story as he makes friends with both humans and other species alike. I personally have read this story three times because it never gets boring. It always keeps me in suspense even though I know what happens.

I recommend you read this manhwa because you will not be disappointed in any way by the Noblest of all nobles and his commanding power to kick anyone’s ass head on