This anime is one of my favourites, which means it’s pretty good because I’m really fussy when it comes to picking a favourite anime. Although, if funny anime that lacks a serious storyline isn’t your thing then this may not be the anime for you; but it’s definitely worth watching if that’s your cup of tea.

The first thing I have to comment on is how awesome the characters are. Especially Yato and Kofuku (they’re both very funny and adorable). This anime has very good character development, and it’s very entertaining to watch the characters grow, Yukine in particular. It doesn’t have the strongest storyline, and the character development definitely makes up for that.


Sometimes it’s difficult to take this anime seriously, especially when Yato is pulling a silly face or they’re falling from the top of the building and having a conversation as they fall. However, it tends to get serious towards the end and it stops being as funny, which I don’t mind and this is something I like.

I love this anime due to how relaxing it is to watch, since most shounen tend to be very serious and lack funny moments that break up the seriousness. So if you want to watch a quick anime that isn’t too serious, then I definitely recommend this anime.


The art style for this anime is very unique, which is nice since so many anime have similar art styles. It’s also very cute, and not just the characters’ appearances, the various pairings make it very adorable too.

It also has two seasons, and both are very good. The second season is just as good as the first, and even includes character development for minor characters shown in the previous season. It also reveals more information about things mentioned, which adds depth to the storyline. Something that makes the series a lot better.


I hope that more seasons are released, but if this doesn’t happen then I’d definitely buy the manga and read that instead. While it’s not the most exciting anime story-wise, the comedy and characters definitely make up for it which is why I love it so much.

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