It took me a while to finally get around to finishing this anime. To be honest, I was a little disappointed that it only had 12 episodes. Luckily, the pacing was good and it wasn’t too slow or rushed, and they managed to fit a decent amount of content in that space of time.

My first thoughts of this anime is how funny it is. I really enjoyed watching it, and it was very easy to watch. I didn’t pay attention to it at times due to working on college work at the same time, and I didn’t end up feeling lost.

One Punch Man is about Saitama, someone who is a hero for fun. He trained so much that he lost his hair, and he’s also able to take out villains with one punch – which he hates as it’s ‘no fun’. Saitama meets Genos, a 19-year old cyborg, who wants to be Saitama’s diciple. The two then join the Hero Association so they can become certified heroes.

The story is decent. It doesn’t have a gripping storyline, but what is there is entertaining enough. It’s a great idea, and it works as a comedy but it would also work as a story-focused anime.

If you’re looking for an anime about superheroes with a really good storyline, then One Punch Man isn’t what you’re looking for. It’s good, but it’s a parody. There’s nothing serious about this anime. This isn’t a bad thing though, and I really loved this anime for that reason. Watching very serious anime gets boring after a while, so watching something that’s hilarious is a nice change.

There’s not many characters in this, since it mainly focuses on both Genos and Saitama. But other characters are cool too, even if they don’t get as much screen time. One Punch Man doesn’t really have any development, it doesn’t need to. It’s a comedy. Development is a waste of time.

The animation is good, and the art style works very well. Especially Saitama’s face. His face is perfect. I never knew a bald character would end up being so funny just because of their facial expressions. Going from an egg face to a very detailed one is pretty hilarious.

After Boku No Hero Academia, I didn’t think I’d like another super hero anime. I hated Hero Academia, I couldn’t see why so many people loved it. I can see why so many people loved One Punch Man though, there really isn’t much to dislike about this anime.

If you love comedy and silly anime, I highly recommend it. It’s definitely worth your time and worth the hype it received.

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