Back in the mid 90’s the world was introduced to 151 creatures known as Pokemon. This year Nintendo is releasing Pokemon Sun and Moon, the seventh generation of Pokemon games and will be introducing a slew of new Pokemon. A lot of the new creatures are Alolan Forms of the original 151. There are some mixed responses to each individual form and the idea as a whole.


 As a whole it is a pretty interesting idea. It’s nice to get a fresh spin on these older Pokemon, and the new details in the forms are a nice refresher for the dated designs. The original pokemon were designed when the games were more graphically limited, but now the artists are able to design more intricate versions and it shows with the new forms.




 While the idea as a whole is great, some of the new forms are vastly better than the others. The surfing Raichu is particularly interesting in it’s design and type. A Psychic and Electric type is not a common match up, and the new design looks great. The Exeggutor form however, is a little more on the ridiculous side. Exeggutor for one reason or another gains a seemingly multi story length neck and only a slightly larger body, as well as the Dragon type for its new form.



 The other new forms mostly look great. The Sandshrew, Sandslash and Ninetails are particularly nice, although the Meowth seems a little strange. All in all I’m pretty excited to see what other forms will be introduced this generation, as well as the all new pokemon they’re bringing in. I think Sun and Moon will have a lot more great pokemon to offer us when it releases in November so I’ll be eagerly awaiting launch day!