I’ve had Overwatch for just over a week now, so I’m pretty late. Since it was released, there has been a lot of people talking about it.

The first thing I noticed and liked was the style of it, it’s very cartoon-y, which is appealing. I’m not normally a fan of first-person-shooters, but the non-realistic style it has makes me like it. It’s something that everyone can enjoy, as I’ve found that some FPS are targeted towards a male audience only with their heavy army theme, which Overwatch lacks.

It’s not too difficult to get used to. Since I very rarely play FPS, I’m normally very bad at them, and I struggle to kill people. This I managed to get the hang of pretty quickly, and I was able to be useful and not a typical crappy girl gamer. I didn’t spend a lot of time dying, since whenever I run low on health, I quickly run away and find a spot that can heal me.

I love the wide-range of characters to choose from, and that there can’t be several of the same characters on one team. This creates a fair match for both teams, as one team can’t just be all the same strong characters. Every character is very unique too, in the sense that they’re good at something in particular (like Mercy is meant for healing) so it’s not hard to find a character that is best for your play-style.

I did spend a lot of time trying to find the character that I liked best when I first played it, so the option to change character in the middle of the match is really fun and useful. I eventually settled on Tracer, since I did the best when using her. I did try Mercy, but I found that I’m not good at healing people and I’d much rather attack.

The character designs are very appealing too, and it seems that most characters are always used. So there isn’t that crappy character that no one ever picks.

This game is also definitely best played with friends, but it’s not boring to play on your own. Overall, I love this game and I’d definitely recommend playing it, even if it doesn’t seem like a game you’d enjoy. This game is amazing and beautiful in every way.

Have you played Overwatch? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!