I finally got a copy of Pokémon Moon, and it’s all I’ve played all week. I’ve finally finished it.

First of all, I loved the storyline. It’s so different from previous games and really sticks out. For once it’s a very story-based game instead of collecting every gym badge. I wasn’t too keen on the missing gyms at first, but I grew to love the trials as the game progressed. It’s refreshing to play a Pokémon game that’s different, since it’s boring to play the same game every time one is released.

I was lucky and I was able to get all three starters at the beginning of the game (thanks to the Wonder Trade). I did pick Litten, but I have to say that Primarina is my favourite.

I also love Ninetales’ type change, since I’ve never used an ice-type before. I also loved that Ninetales is also a fairy.

I loved that I played the game during night-time (game time), as Moon is 12 hours ahead of my DS time. I’ve never played a Pokémon game while it’s been night-time in the game all the way through. The only time  this didn’t work in my favour is when I caught Lunala, since I planned to use dusk balls. So I wasted a ton of money on them. Oh well.

Sun and Moon was also challenging, it didn’t help that I did have two usable Pokémon during some earlier trials. I also struggled to fight Lumasine before catching Lunala, which I enjoyed even if I was swearing at all the Pokémon.

I did hate how much dialogue there was. At times it was annoying because I was on the bus and my 3DS was about to die, so I really needed them to shut up and let me save. This was worse at the end, since I couldn’t save after completing the Elite Four and before catching Tapu Koko so I was forced to use my masterball as my Pokémon were about to die and I was almost out of Pokéballs. This was so frustrating, since I had to wait until after the credits had rolled before I was able to save again. Annoyingly, it doesn’t save until after the credits had ended, so I had to sit there through it all.

Overall, this game was very enjoyable and I still have post-game stuff to enjoy.

What did you think of Sun/Moon? Leave a comment below!