There are so many anime series that are super popular that I haven’t gotten around to watching, and some I just don’t find appealing at all. Whether it’s so over-hyped, so I know I’ll end up disappointed, or I just don’t think I’ll like it. Sometimes it’s because it has too many episodes, or not enough episodes. I’m just really picky with anime. When I first started watching anime, I’d watch anything, but now I’ve seen a lot I’m a lot more pickier since I know what anime I like and enjoy.

For some odd reason, I tend to watch the not so known anime, as I find these more enjoyable to watch. I definitely love Shoujo. However, I don’t hate every popular anime, there are quite a few I love.


I won’t watch Re:Zero because I have just heard so much about it to the point I’m sick of listening to people go on about it. Maybe it’s good, I have no idea, and from the clips I’ve seen on the internet I don’t think I’ll enjoy it. It seems like a typical harem series, which I avoid unless the storyline is really, really interesting (or it’s reverse harem).


One Piece is another anime, it has too many episodes. It takes me a year to watch an anime with 300 episodes, so I don’t want to know how long it will take me to watch One Piece. I really wish I started watching this anime years ago, then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, because it really does sound like a good anime. Maybe one day I’ll attempt to watch every episode, if I have the time.


I won’t watch Sword Art Online, even though it does sound interesting. I just hear negative things about it all the time, which has really put me off watching it. I don’t want to start watching it and enjoy it, only to then be disappointed when it gets worse and I end up hating it. I’d rather leave it as an anime I’ve never watched.


For some odd reason, I’ve never seen the appeal with Dragon Ball Z, both of my brothers watch it and I know it’s very popular. It just doesn’t seem like an anime I’d enjoy. It has so many episodes and series, which is very off-putting.


Hmm what’s the name of the anime with those weird monster girls… oh yes. Monster Musume. I will not go near this anime. It’s too weird and creepy. Just no. Maybe if I was a guy and into the sort of thing, but I’m not. Definitely not. Too weird.


What are some anime that you won’t watch? Leave a comment below!