Compared to short anime series, there’s not as many long anime series. But some of the most well-known anime tend to have several seasons. So what are the pros and cons to long anime series?

Firstly, I’ve found that the stories are well-paced. They’re not rushed or dragged out. Mainly due to the fact that there isn’t an episode limit. Once an anime is popular, it’s likely to stay popular so anime studios don’t have to try to cram a story arc into the one season, they’re free to pace it nicely.

However, a con to this is that sometimes the anime catches up to the manga, sometimes in the middle of a story arc, and a filler series is created. Long anime series have the most filler. Most of the time, filler isn’t enjoyable to watch and is badly paced. Mainly due to them trying to drag the filler out for as long as possible so there’s enough source material to follow once the filler is done.

Characters tend to be well-developed, since they have the time to do so. Most of my favourite characters are from really long anime series. I prefer Gin (Bleach) and Itachi (Naruto) to some of my other favourite characters from shorter anime, such as Yato (Noragami) or Rin (Blue Exorcist).

A negative is how many episodes there are. It takes so long to finish an anime series that has more than 100 episodes. An anime with 24 episodes I can easily watch in a day, 12 episodes in half a day. I’ve watched the whole of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (it has 64 episodes if you’re wondering) in a day and a half. I would have finished FMAB in a day if I didn’t fall asleep. I can’t watch the whole of Bleach in a day. If I binged Bleach, it would take me a few weeks to finish it all.

When watching a long anime series, it’s very easy to fall behind. When I watched Bleach I missed out on a lot of anime because I just wanted to concentrate on finishing Bleach before starting any new anime. I’m still behind now, mainly due to me watching Naruto not that long after finishing Bleach.

What are your thoughts on long anime? Leave a comment below!