I got a PS4 yesterday, so I decided to review it. This is actually the first time I’ve owned my own Playstation, I got my PS2 from my brothers when they got their PS3, and then I got their PS3 when one brother bought a PS4 and the other got a computer.


Firstly, I’d like to comment on the menu. It’s very complicated and isn’t as easy as the PS3 (which is a very simple layout). When I first used my brothers PS4, I had no idea how to switch to my account and spent ages trying to figure it out. I also dislike how the buttons aren’t labelled, which has caused me to incorrectly press the power button when I’m trying to take a disc out.


However, I like the overall design of the PS4 itself. It looks nice and actually fits on my desk better than the PS3 did.

Although, something I also dislike is how big the game files are. Since I have a 500GB PS4, I’ve already ran out of space and I don’t have nearly all of the games I’d like to have. Meaning that I’ll have to delete games when I’m not using them and then reinstall them when I do want to play them. The update files are also very big, so I could be waiting hours to play a game if I have to do this. The first thing I’m definitely going to buy is a new hard drive.

I’d also definitely recommend a 1TB PS4 instead of the 500GB, and then leave some extra money aside incase that’s not enough either.


One feature I definitely like is the party feature. This allows me to talk to my boyfriend even when we’re playing completely different games. He could be building something on Minecraft while I’m playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.


I like the design of the controller as well, it’s the right size and the buttons are well placed. It doesn’t quite feel as strong as the PS3 controllers, which is the only downside. I also like the headphone jack, which allows me to plug in my headset easily, rather than having to plug it into my PS4 and not being able to sit too far away from the console.


What are your thoughts on the PS4? Leave a comment below!