So… apparently Re means King in Maltese. For those of you who don’t understand the reference, please leave. This is an article that is full of spoilers for Tokyo Ghoul, so leave now or forever hold your peace.


Alright if you’re still here that means you have read the latest chapters of Tokyo Ghoul : Re. While not the latest revelation, it is something I have not discussed. So basically Re means King. That for me, came out of nowhere. It was amazing in every way possible. It was something I never expected yet it works out so perfectly.


Kaneki Ken is the One-Eyed King and I must say, well played. It answers so many past questions and leads the way for the future. Though it creates more questions than it has answered. 

4What will happen to him now that he has this responsibility? Will he clash with Anteiku? Will Kaneki and Touka fight? Will he be forced to kill some other characters? How will V, the super secret shadow group react? Considering that Kaneki Ken announced his arrival as the One-Eyed King, he has made public the information that will cause the plot to move forward. How will his position make him stand with all the side involved. Pierrot, the CCG, Amon, Kanou, and even Anteiku. How will they stand?


Whatever happens, this amazing revelation has paved the way for Tokyo Ghoul’s future.