Unless you have been living under a rock you should have heard about the new hit anime Re:Zero. It all starts in the blink of an eye when our hero Subaru enters a fantasy…..Wait don’t look at me like that give me a chance to explain why this isn’t just like the others and I will even skip using Subaru’s “Return By Death” for this list.
1: Subaru is Aware of The Cliche

Subaru is completely aware of how things are supposed to go. He is summoned in to save this world, get a beautiful girl, and cool powers. Subaru faces the tropes of his genre while the show slowly rips them away to create a completely different tone

2. It’s Not Afraid of Losing Views

This show will kill anyone and do it in the most sadistic way you can imagine. It’s not afraid of pissing off fans of a character as long as it gets the story across. You will see suffering, and you will see lots of bloodshed.

3. It wants you to suffer

The greatest thing about the way they make you suffer is the fact that only Subaru remembers anything. Every second he shared laughing with Emilia, the time Rem and Ram made him smile, and that awkward bath scene with Roswaal; it’s all just a story to them.

4. Nobody knows what’s going on but Subaru

This is the show that just announced they needed extra time on their latest episode for “maximum suffering.” They want you to feel desperate as you watch them get nowhere over and over again with no way out.

5. Noone’s Overpowered

Every Character has the chance of being taken out. The show doesn’t lean towards one character being immune to getting killed. They have completely toned down characters and each one has their weakness shown at some point in the show.

6. You see multiple sides of the same character

The great thing about Subaru reliving everything is the character development it gives everyone on the show. Each time he re-tries something the characters react differently and show sides of their personality that wouldn’t have been appropriate the last time he met or helped them.

7. The Villians Shine
Re:Zero gives their villains more than one try to be as horrible as possible. Each time Subaru goes up against a villain of the series they combat with other ways to kill or have fun with him.