Inuyasha is a timeless anime classic about the struggle to recover the Shikon jewel from the hands of evil by the reincarnation of a priestess named Kikyo and her lover Inuyasha.  The manga and anime are amazingly exciting and while a little longer than most series tied up nicely and has very few if any weak points. The anime clocks in at around 200 episodes and the manga has 56 volumes.  On top of that their are 4 movies that were all hits within the anime community upon their release.

 Inuyasha is based in a fairy tale version of feudal Japan.  It starts when Kagome gets pulled into her shrine’s well by a centipede woman who’s after the mystical Shikon jewel. The Shikon jewel can grant near unlimited power and wishes to whoever posses it. Luckily for Kagome she just happens to be a reincarnation of the priestess who protects it and it’s located inside her body causing her to become a target. After getting pulled through the well she escapes and finds a boy with dog ears bound to a tree with an arrow. She goes to pull the arrow out and is stopped just in time by an old woman who is Kikyo’s younger sister. She recognized Kagome as looking similar to her and took her into her village to try and figure out what’s going on.


 As it turns out 50 years prior in the Feudal timeline, Inuyasha betrayed and injured her sister Kikyo to try and steal the Shikon jewel. Inuyasha is then hunted down by her and pinned to a tree with a sacred arrow where he has stayed ever since. The Shikon jewel was then destroyed and disappeared until Kagome was born where it was infused with her body. In a twisted turn of events, not everything is as it seems and there may be more to the story than everyone thought.

 Upon a short stay at the village the centipede woman shows up and attacks. Kagome flees back into the forest and in the middle of being squeezed to death, she manages to remove the arrow from Inuyasha’s chest awakening him. Thus begins the start of the two’s complicated relationship. Inuyasha soon becomes  is a tale that spans in anime years of the adventure to recover a shard of the Shikon Jewel which gets shattered into multiple pieces. The story has a huge cast of amazing characters each with their own wants, struggles, and plans that entangle altogether.19387299

The other characters in the main cast also include a demon slayer named Sango who is trying to save her brother from Naraku. A monk named Miroku who is cursed to have a wind tunnel in the palm of his hand that will eventually swallow him, and an orphan fox demon named Shippo. The characters all weave together thanks to Naraku, the shows antagonist and compliment each other perfectly during the story.  On the opposite side of the spectrum is also Inuyasha’s brother, Sesshomaru, who spends most of his time trying to find a sword of power, eventually getting him caught up in the caretaking of a young girl named Rin.