Death Note is a very popular anime/manga series. So should you watch/read it? Yes. Although, personally I believe that you should read the manga instead due to it being slightly better, but the anime is good too.


Firstly, it has a great storyline, and if mystery and suspense is your thing then this is definitely the anime for you. However, this can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s not a slow-building story either and has a very good pace, leaving you wanting to know more and not waiting too long or not long enough. Things are revealed at the right time, leaving viewers in the dark a few times.


The characters are very good, they’re all flawed in their own ways which makes them realistic and likeable. At times, it’s difficult to figure out what characters are planning which makes it very exciting to watch as things begin to unfold.

Ryuk is definitely the best character in the series, he’s so quirky and offers humour which makes the show a lot easier to watch. It’s not just Ryuk that adds humour, both Light, Misa and L add humour too which adds light (haha) to the dark series.


Furthermore, the series is popular for a reason. It’s popular because it’s good. In addition, very few people dislike the series, so it’s not popular like SAO which receives a lot of hate despite being popular. It’s also been popular for several years now, and it’s still popular now. However, don’t take this as meaning that this is the best anime series ever, as it does have flaws and bad points about it.

I believe that if you start watching this believing it will be amazing will only lead you to feel disappointing, especially considering how disappointing the ending is.

This series also has several live action adaptations, there are plans for another live action adaptation and it has two OVA episodes really shows how well received the series is. Companies wouldn’t spend money making films for this series if it wasn’t good.


I definitely recommend the manga, since the ending is decent (in comparison to the ending in the anime), and some characters are shown a lot more in the manga.

While this isn’t the best series ever, due to its faults, it is very good and definitely worth watching. There’s also so much to discuss about the series, especially certain actions characters  make and what would happen if they did something differently. I’ve spent a lot of time discussing things with friends, and it’s definitely an anime I’ve remembered the most about.

So what do you think about this series? Will you watch it? Why? Leave a comment below!