Webtoons are the online Korean versions of our beloved paper manga series. While they may shift our reading from left to right to up and down, they are not so different from their paper japanese counterparts. Their tales and stories are as enjoyable and a great as manga. There are a multitude of webtoons online but I want to talk about just a few of them, the ones that I personally adore.

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First up on my list has to be Red Storm. While not the first webtoon I read, certainly the most badass anime or manga related story I have seen for a long time. It begins with the arrival of a strange old man into an unfamiliar territory. This strange old man is met by our young main character, Yulian Provoke, the son of a tribe leader. It turns out that this old man is actually a master fighter who goes on to instruct Yulian how to become as badass as he is. The story progress with growth and time lapse to show us pure badassery in forms of amazing fighting scenes. Not only is it badass but it is also filled with a lot of political and philosophical ideas that relate to being a tribe leader. You have to read this webtoon, if not for the plot or the characters or the politics or philosophy, just for the fights. I can’t described in words how amazing they are. Though one downside I must give this webtoon is that it changes from full color to black and white without any warning, which is something that I understood but didn’t really appreciate.

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Next on my list is Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything. Now, this is a manga that is filled with tons and tons of moral and philosophical choices. Imagine if you had the power to change anything about yourself, your appearance, your intelligence, your power, your speed,… would you do it? Would you kill someone for it? Would you try to get rid of? Each character has their own argument which splits you apart leaving you broken on the inside. This was the first Webtoon I read and I really got invested into it. It does somethings that I neither expected nor predicted from any other kind of story. What happens if that power is given … to everyone? What will happen?

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Another webtoon that I absolutely loved is one that I never expected to read. Its called Skill of Lure and its basically the Korean guide to picking up chicks with style but don’t worry these skills also work on guys as well as girls. You start off with your typical pervertically misunderstood main character who has a hopeless crush. But, fear not because Korean super magic is about to weaves its way into getting this hopeless dude a girlfriend. It not only teaches certain important social skills, it does so in the most entertaining way possible. Go and read it, and then go get your crush. 100% guaranteed (Results may vary)

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Finally, the last webtoon that I just had to talk about is Noblesse. Now, this is a webtoon that I have read multiple times over, just for its sheer awesomeness. The characters, plot, development, even the ships are perfect. It’s amazing, the fights are so complex and well throughout. It has so many funny and creative moments. But, these moments are also shared with the sad and somber ones. Noblesse is the type of webtoon that has almost everything in it. And when a character dies, you can really feel it in the depths of your heart. Like something was wrenched out with a blunt spoon. I totally recommended you read Noblesse for it’s a roller coaster of sheer enjoyment.

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