There are few anime one could compare to Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist. With an anime as unique as Shimoneta you should at least check it out to see what it has to offer, but we’ll explain why it’s worth watching in full.

The premise of the show alone is enough to draw you in. Descriptions of a woman wearing panties on her head running through train stations throwing dirty pictures to the masses are enough to make you curious. But when you learn that the world of Shimoneta has extreme laws against people learning, speaking or accessing sexual information or content, all under the premise that these things are immoral, it adds a layer of depth and in most cases gets more of your attention. You may also ask how this is enforced, well a little science fiction is thrown in and everyone was given special chokers, called Peace Keepers, that detected keywords, phrases, and even hand gestures. Whenever a word or phrase is uttered the choker sends a signal to police for the individual’s immediate arrest.8b3

At the start of Shimoneta, these laws banning sexual knowledge and content have been in effect for a couple decades so and the main characters are all in high school, so they have no knowledge of innuendos, dirty jokes, or even how babies are made. Enter Tanukichi Okuma, a young man whose father gave him the forbidden lewd knowledge. Tanukichi’s father fought against the laws banning “immoral” information and media and was arrested for this. Tanukichi, however, did not wish to be like his father and set his sights for one of the most prestigious high schools in Japan. On the first day of school Tanukichi arrives via train station, and while he is there the Erotic Terrorist known as “Blue Snow” suddenly appears and shouts obscenities before throwing lewd pictures all over the station and running off from the police. Tanukichi is horrified and does his best to shrug off the incident and get to school.

You can, of course, imagine what Tanukichi’s school life is like. The student council seeks him out for his knowledge of lewd material as their lack of it causes them to feel unable to properly detect all misconduct in the school. The Student Council President is Anna, Tanukichi’s role model, who tends to be completely oblivious to sexual references  around her and completely accepts dirty images or jokes as art or cute phrases much to Tanukichi’s horror. The other students Tanukichi interacts with are all much like Anna, they don’t understand when something is considered “dirty” and are oblivious to things Tanukichi sees as completely innapropriate. This aspect is played off of very well for comedic gold and had me laughing all the way through the show.w3jpmtj

While an interesting premise and good laughs are great, a lot of people may still turn away
from Shimoneta because they feel there is no plot content or a story to enjoy. Quite the opposite is true actually, the story of Shimoneta revolves around Tanukichi’s involvement with “Blue Snow” and his struggles with wanting to be moral and win Anna’s favor, but feeling more and more that he agrees with Blue Snow. The relationships of the characters drive the story and continue to evolve as things progress and eventually the story involves more philosophy and how the laws against lewdness affect people’s lives.

Overall, this show has a lot of really good content to offer. While it has a lot of dirty jokes and relies on lewd material for laughs, it feels more intelligent than the average dirty joke you’d come across. While you’re laughing at this absurd world and watching the most ridiculous situations unfold, you will have a plot progressing each episode to keep bringing you back. Also, once you finish the show if you feel like you want more you can always check out the Light Novel series and continue after the anime left off for even more raunchy fun.