Dark Fantasy:

Re:Zero  is the hit anime of Spring 2016 and the hit anime of Summer 2016. So what’s all the hype about this time you ask? Well it’s another fantasy world, but it has a pretty good twist this time around. The characters are all pretty solid with a focus on a smaller cast than most anime, and the episodes will cut the opening and ending to expand story length as needed.  The anime’s first episode was even made into two episodes to make sure they had enough room to thoroughly explain the premise. On top of that they leave out all the nonsense that generally comes with fantasy tropes like a super overpowered main character.


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The story starts out with Subaru checking out of a convenience store late at night, as he walks into the street he closes his eyes. When he opens them a second later it’s daylight and he finds that he has been transported to another world. Subaru determines instantly that he is the mystical hero meant to save this world and runs off to get himself cornered in an alleyway about to be killed by a few street thugs. Then along comes Emilia to save him with the help of her spirit summon, Puck.


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After waking up in Puck’s lap from taking a slight beating Emilia tells Subaru she is looking for an insignia that was stolen, and he insists on helping her. They go on to eventually track the stolen treasure down in the slums of town and, find a house that Subaru decides he should investigate for Emilia. As soon as he enters the house though he gets cut open by a blade, with Emilia coming in and getting struck down too.




Subaru opens his eyes to find himself back at a fruit stall he had visited when he first came into the world. It turns out that he has the ability to “return by death” to a predetermined starting point. Subaru goes on to repeat trying to get Emilia’s treasure back quite a few times in a few different ways making friends with the thief who stole it, Felt and Old Man Rom. He eventually makes friends with a knight who comes in to save them in the nick of time but gets badly wounded in the fight. Emilia takes Subaru away to the house where she lives for healing immediately after.


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Subaru wakes in a mansion with two maids staring at him named Ram and Rem. The maids show disapproval of Subaru at first and one even ends up killing him. Determined to be their friend Subaru persists through the killing, and tries to get close to them while learning how to read. Also at the mansion is Count Roswaal who is the lord of the house, and the strongest magician in existence, Beatrice, is also present within the house, but only appears when opening certain doors within the house that leads to her room.


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Here Subaru learns that he has the witch’s scent on him, and that she is the one who pulled him into the world. Thanks to the scent being on him it causes Rem and Ram’s resentment, and beasts to be drawn to him. He gets cursed several times by the beasts causing him to restart from day one in the house, and he ends up in a life or death struggle to kill the one who cursed him. With this struggle he eventually grows extremely close to Rem and Ram. Thanks to that they both work together to save him and get him to the checkpoint that starts the summer half of the anime.


How are you liking  Re:Zero, do you plan to add it to your watchlist?