Tokyo Ghoul is the manga written by Sui Ishida and revolves around the story of a hybrid taking parts in two worlds of a horror, seinen world, The manga is a great quality manga with an amazing story and the first season of the anime portrayed that very well. Then, Root A came along and screwed everything up

The problem with Root A is not that it doesn’t follow the manga, it makes no sense at all. Why would Kaneki join Aogiri, the people who tortured and killed the people he loved without any reason whatsoever. The bs explanation of becoming “stronger” is such bullshit to join an organization that goes against what you are supposed to fight for. In the manga, Kaneki goes on his own to become stronger and find out more about Rize and other such things, which in that case made sense because he wasn’t joining a mass murder group to do that.

They also had the opportunity to include one of the best scenes of the Tokyo Ghoul manga which is the fight between Ayato and Kaneki. And when I mean fight, I don’t mean the pussy bout they had at the rooftop. Kaneki was going to systematically break half of Ayato’s bones but NOOOOOOOOOOOO. They decided to cut out one of the best scenes of the manga. Root A was a total flop because it left out important scenes and had some major plot holes