There are a lot of detective anime and manga. Hell, there is a lot of entertainment based off of detective and their super sleuthing abilities. From Conan to Sherlock to many others. But, the detective is not the only fact that makes an anime, manga, or show great. I want to tell you about a recent manga that I picked up called Kuro No Tantei.  

Kuroba Yo is a sadistic and sagacious detective that takes on the cases that he sees fit to take on. But, he usually delivers his justice in a demeaning way that tears down the perpetrator in an emotional and physical way. He makes sure they suffer before facing society’s justice. He is joined by the slightly masochistic Toiro Arata to make up the “Black+White” detective.

They go around solving crimes that they see fit to solve but there is always the bigger case to tackle as is the case in most detective shows and in this case their biggest adversary is W. W is a person who can create perfect doppelgangers of people. Meaning that this person can create perfect copies of people and goes around impersonating them and creating trouble. W has caused a lot of deaths and one special one important to Kuroba, so he took up the mantle of capturing W. That is what most of the manga is about. But, then a new detective showing up on the scene dealing a judgment that Kuroba doesn’t agree with.

I do recommend this anime because they aren’t afraid to show the reality of human nature. Sometimes the reactions to death are a little underwhelming: this manga doesn’t take the death of some characters seriously. But the motivation and reasons for some of the characters perfectly portray real human nature.