This has to be one of my many favourite shoujo anime/manga series. It has really good character development, and a unique storyline. It is sort of cliché at times, but at the same time it’s so unique.

If you don’t like waiting for characters in shoujo to get together, then this is the series for you. The story revolves around Mei, who has no friends due to being betrayed when she was young. There’s a misunderstanding in the school corridors, which leads her to kick Yamato in the face. He then becomes interested in Mei and they start dating shortly after. The rest of the anime concentrates on them dating, and the troubles that are thrown their way, from jealousy to misunderstandings. It’s a really good anime/manga and I definitely recommend it. I recommend both, since I’ve read most of the manga (it’s ongoing) and I’ve seen the anime several times.

This shoujo has really good character development, but this is more obvious in the manga. Mei goes from being rather unfriendly to being friendly, as she interacts with more people. It’s also nice to watch the characters change as the series progresses, especially Mei’s hair which grows longer and longer.

The story development is also good. It’s pretty unique compared to most shoujo series, although it can be clichéd at time. Nonetheless, it’s still enjoyable to read/watch. It’s one of the best slice of life shoujo series I’ve watched/read.

This doesn’t just stick to two main characters either, as other characters have their own unique backstories. Even the main character’s themselves have unique backstories, which isn’t something I see in most shoujo. This is something that I really like about this series, it really helps develop the character and explain the way they are, or give us an insight to what they used to be like.

Every character is unique and different, which really makes the series great. It makes it so easy to relate to a character, or makes them more likeable.

The art style isn’t the best, and it does take time to get used to. However, this doesn’t take anything away from the series itself, and it’s not the worst art style I’ve seen. It’s not my favourite, but I don’t hate or dislike it.

Overall, this is a great series to watch/read. So if you’re thinking of it, then definitely give it a try.

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