These are just some of the strongest anime/manga chapters that I have seen. These are neither the definitive strongest nor are they inclusive of all that anime/manga has available. Just a disclaimer to bypass the butthurt people this article might create. With that said let’s move on to our number 7.


Cadis Etrama De Raizel, The noblesse, the noblest of all nobles. From the hit manhwa, Noblesse. Raizel is the strongest vampire who controls blood magic. His feats include easily taking down a number foes too strong for anyone else to fight, fighting the lord of the Nobles, fighting the previous lord of the werewolves and also having the badass power of making anyone kneel.

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Mori Jin, the martial artist and embodiment of the Monkey King. From the hit Manwha, The God of High-school, Mori Jin has become quite the strong character, taking on gods like Zeus, Poseidon and even Satan. Master of Martial arts, and wielder of the three great treasures, Mori Jin’s greatest feat is beating Satan Infinite Clones in one strike and just for a less than a moment, extinguishing the flame of the sun.

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Saitama, the hobby hero. From the original manga drawn by ONE to now, Saitama is portrayed as quite the strong individual, giving him the title of One Punch Man. He ends almost any fight in one punch, never actually goes all out, or gets serious and always wins. His feats include beating Boros, the invading alien, and bunch of other monsters in addition to have amazing physical feats like getting hit to the moon and jumping back without any repercussions.

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Noya, teacher of Yulian and dimension traveling badass. From the hit Manwha, Red Storm, Noya is a strong old man who came from another world. He is portrayed as strong and almighty but his strength he comes off as too arrogant which is to be expected. Who would not be arrogant if they had the powers to kill dragons with easy and decimated entire battlefields. Noya’s feats include easy killing a great dragon, and a holy crow, in addition to decimating entire battlefields and fighting at faster than light speeds.

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Sage Emperor, the evil overseer that rules over all of space and time. From the Chinese martial arts novel,Tales of Demons and Gods, the Sage Emperor is introduced to us at chapter 1 as the end all be all enemy. Though it isn’t till much later we learn of his great yet evil feats. In an entire existence, he managed to quell any resistance against him, including the threat of Nie Li in his first life. He also controls many dangerous Deity ranked Demon beast who one their own could decimate entire populations of people. He also rules over all time and space hunting down any who oppose him. We later learn that he did all that while he was restrained and severely injured


Zen-Oh, the King of All and ruler of the 12 Universes. From the hit reboot, Dragon Ball Super, Zen-Oh is the amoral and careless king who rules over everything. He hasn’t been seen fighting or completing great feats, but the king of everything isn’t just for show. He once wiped out entire universe after being anger. He does not give idle threats either. One should be wary of this King.

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Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the almighty giant fighting mech standing at 52.8 … BILLION LIGHT YEARS tall. From the amazing show of a similar name, this mech is the most badass of all the mechs. It possesses a drill that could quite possible pierce the heavens, standing 528 Billion light years tall. This brings the mech to the size of over 100 universes. But, the mass of it, since it is composed of all matter is made up of at least 1000 universes. And it can move a hundred quintillion times faster than the speed of light. Throwing around galaxies like shurikens and fighting like a complete badass, this mech is not something you want to fight.

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