Shoujo anime adaptations suck, in my opinion. I started reading shoujo manga due to the very short anime adaptation. They either get one season, or two seasons and that’s it. Nothing else (besides one OVA).

There is no point in watching shoujo anime if I end up having to read the manga. I rarely watch shoujo anime, despite loving shoujo manga. I’ll watch a shoujo anime of a manga I’ve already read, but not the other way around.

There’s some shoujo anime I’ve seen and liked enough to enjoy the anime and not enough to read the manga, like My Little Monster and Ore Monogatari. My Little Monster ended in a way that I didn’t see the point in reading the manga.

There’s also not very many shoujo anime, there’s a lot more manga. I really do mean a lot. Most shoujo manga don’t have an anime adaptation, or it has some crappy one episode OVA. Kyou, Koi Wo Hajimemasu for example, it received a really, really bad OVA episode (not sure if there were 3) where they decided to cut out 20 chapters’ worth of really, really important character development and story development. It starts 20 chapters in to the manga, and new viewers won’t really know anything that’s going on because the beginning is missing.

I can name a few really bad shoujo anime adaptations, and they were the reason why I stopped watching shoujo anime. I decided I’d stick to manga, since there’s more to enjoy and it’s not going to miss tons of crucial development.

They’re not all bad, there are definitely good adaptations. They’re just not as good as the manga, whether the manga has more content, or the anime wasn’t faithful. Ouran High School Host Club is a brilliant example of a good shoujo, it’s left in a good place and it feels complete.

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