Pokémon Red and Blue were the first Pokémon games released in North America (the originals were Red and Green, but they only saw a Japanese release). Since then, they’ve been remade as Fire Red and Leaf Green, which was released on the Gameboy Advance. But that’s it. Very few people still own a Gameboy, and many younger Pokémon fans may have never played this game/gen.

Yes, the original Red, Blue and Yellow were released on 3DS, but it’s not a remake with updated graphics.

I can see why people might not want a remake, since it’s already been done and the Kanto region was included in Heart Gold/ Soul Silver. I can definitely see why it may be unnecessary.

Every other older Pokémon game has a remake on DS, whether just the regular DS or 3DS. So almost every gen is playable on a 3DS system. Except Red and Blue (unless you buy the digital copy of the original).

I’d personally enjoy a remake, since Leaf Green was the first Pokémon game I ever played and it’s the reason why I love Pokémon today. So I’d love for the first gen to be remade. Since Sun and Moon has just been released, I wouldn’t be surprised if a first gen remake was released later this year (2017).

However, if it was remade, it would most likely be Pokémon Yellow, since that hasn’t been remade yet.

Another reason why I’d love to see this gen remade, is that it’s the first gen. Most older Pokémon fans grew up with the first gen games, whether it was the originals or the remakes. So this gen is pretty special, since without it there probably wouldn’t be any Pokémon today.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who’d love to play the original games in 3D. I’d really love to play Pokémon Yellow again.

Pokémon is also due a remake soon, since I’ve noticed they release a new game every year and after a new title they tend to release a remake. It may be this year, or next year.

So what do you think? Do you want a Red/Blue/Yellow remake? Or do you think that they should leave Gen 1 alone?

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