Skyrim Special Edition has finally been released. I’ve been excited for this for some time. This is a review for the PS4 version of the game, since that’s the one I have but I’m sure it won’t differ that much from the PC and Xbox One version.

The first thing I have to say is that I’m extremely happy that the PS4 version has mods, I thought it would take several months before mods were available if I was lucky. The only downside to mods is that there aren’t many at the moment and when mods are active the trophies are disabled.


I was also expecting slightly better graphics, while they are better it still seems like there isn’t much difference from the PS3 version. However, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the trees and horses, since they move.

I’ve also encountered a few bugs, which isn’t something I expected. Luckily they’re funny and not game-breaking. One funny bug was right at the start of the game when I found a dead imperial soldier standing up.

Although, there is one annoying bug when using the bow. If you’re not a certain distance away from someone you want to kill, you can only shoot their torso as the arrow will go straight through any other body part. Hopefully this bug is fixed soon, since the bow wasn’t like this on PS3.

In addition, the free house glitch hasn’t been fixed, so hopefully a lot of glitches from the original will still work. I don’t know if they were left in intentionally, or if Bethesda forgot to remove them.


I’m also happy that they included all the DLC. Bethesda could have easily made a little bit of extra money by not including it and releasing it at a later date. Skyrim Special Edition was also free for those who had already purchased Skyrim and all the DLC on PC from Steam, which is nice since it saves them from having to buy it all over again.


I wish the customisation was updated, since it’s still very limiting. I was hoping they’d add customisation like Oblivion’s, which gave you more freedom on what your character can look like. I’m hoping a mod will be made that alters the customisation to make it better.

If you’ve played Skyrim on PC and then get the Special Edition, your saved data doesn’t carry over. I thought Bethesda would have added some kind of save data import option for PC users, unless they have and it’s not obvious enough. Although, I’m pretty sure most players will start from the beginning to see the whole game with updated graphics.

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