So what happened to Bleach since the manga ended?

Fans were angry, not sure how they’re feeling now. I’m still pretty angry that it was left the way it was. There’s still so many unanswered questions!

I’m still waiting for an anime announcement. Still. Yet all there is is a live action nobody wants. So will our prayers about a new anime series be answered?

From a quick Google search, there’s no news about Bleach returning, and the internet has been very quiet about it since the manga ended. I haven’t heard anything about Bleach and I’m worrying that it will just be abandoned. I don’t like how quiet the internet has been, since when the manga was being released there was always news, whether something epic happened in the last manga chapter or there’s another rumour about the anime returning.

The last time Kubo tweeted was in November, which was his thank you to a boy that wrote him a letter saying he wanted Kubo to continue Bleach the way he wanted to. I can’t read Japanese so I can’t explain it properly, it’s just what I heard from other people.

Since there hasn’t been a new episode of Bleach since 2012, and they’re still very quiet about it ever returning. I’m guessing there won’t be any more Bleach. The manga is over, and I don’t know if Kubo will even consider making a Bleach sequel. In a few months it will be five years since the anime ended. That’s a long time.

Anime like Black Butler and Blue Exorcist gained a new season when everyone thought that they would never continue. So we shouldn’t rule a Bleach continuation out completely. But at this point, fans have been waiting for a long time and there’s still not announcement or any hint that it’s returning.

Should we accept that this is the end for Bleach? Maybe. I thought the anime would be continued soon after the manga ended, but there’s still nothing and it’s been ages since the final chapter was released.

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