Spice and Wolf isn’t a very well-known anime, which is a shame since it’s very good. Although, it did do well enough to receive a second season.

This is a review of the first season only, so this review will be pretty spoiler-free.

Firstly, the story is very interesting. It’s not romanced-based and concentrates more on story and character development rather than the relationship between Holo and Lawrence. Though this isn’t surprising since it’s shounen and not shoujo.

The story follows Lawrence, a travelling trader, who finds a naked Holo. From then on, Holo joins him on his journey in hope that she’ll reach the north. Holo is the wise wolf that brings a good harvest, which explains the ears and tail.

It’s definitely unusual, but it is very good. Nothing much happens story-wise, so it’s nothing like the more common action-packed shounen. It’s a very easy anime to watch, and it doesn’t matter if you fail to pay attention for a few minutes during an episode, since nothing will be missed. It’s paced slowly, so if that’s something you don’t like then it’s probably not the anime for you.

The characters are unique, especially Holo. Holo can be annoying at times, but she’s mostly very entertaining to watch as she’s very quirky and different from your average main female character.

Lawrence is very gullible, and Holo saves him from falling for traps often.

There isn’t much backstory for the characters, which isn’t something I like. I’d prefer it if the characters had some sort of history, since this makes them seem more real, and helps develop them more.

The other characters are very forgettable, since they’re not developed at all. The story is very focused on Lawrence and Holo, leaving the other characters very under-developed and boring. There’s nothing to like about them, and I can’t name any of them.

I dislike this, as I’ve seen series with 13 episodes with most characters being developed. It’s not like there wasn’t time, there was plenty of time.

Luckily Holo and Lawrence are good characters, and are interesting enough on their own. If this wasn’t the case, then I’m sure this anime wouldn’t be as good as it is.

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