Stardew Valley is a game where you inherit your grandfather’s old farm. Upon arrival, you receive a few basic tools and you have a few coins to help get your farm started.

The game is very basic, the controls are very easy to figure out and the area is easy to remember. There isn’t a tutorial, which I like, but there is occasionally a little bit of help. Most of it you have to figure out on your own, which is what makes this game fun. If it supplied everything you needed to know, then it would get very boring after a while.

The character customisation is something I really love about this game. It made it more personal, as in it was me in the game rather than me playing as someone else, like how it is in Runefactory 2.

I also liked the option of choosing what village the farm is in, and I think each one has a different layout and different characters. This is cool, and it means that if you want to replay the game, you can start in a different area. It also gives more freedom to the player, since you choose where your farm is.

The game can get a little boring at times, but it’s mostly fun. Trying to become friends with characters can be a bit of a pain, since it’s hard to figure out where they’ll be, or they’re hiding in their bedrooms which you can’t enter unless you have a high enough relationship with them.

It’s also a slow game, with every day being the same since there’s not much to do with no resources and little money. I do have some money, but it’s not enough to build anything or invest in something more worthwhile than growing plants. I’ve spent hours on the game, and to be honest I haven’t achieved much at all.

It’s very easy to become exhausted, and if you do too much work in a day your character may collapse and someone will steal your money. Which sucks, but at least now I’ve learnt my lesson to not try to do much in one day.

I also didn’t build a chest, so I ended up selling really useful resources. I didn’t know how to craft until I was told how to, I wasn’t even aware of crafting until then.

However, once you know how to play the game and do everything, it’s very fun and enjoyable. There definitely can be lots of improvements made to the game, and I’d love to see multiplayer introduced at some point. I’d definitely recommend this game, it’s cheap and fun to play.

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